FITIS Education&Training Chapter appoints new Committee – Sunday Times – May 10, 2014

The Federation of Information Technology Industry Sri Lanka (FITIS) is a unified umbrella for the ICT sector in Sri Lanka, sheltering several integral parts of the IT sector. The Federation is further divided into several Chapters namely: Software Chapter (SWC), Hardware Chapter (HWC), Education and Training Chapter (ETC), Telecommunication Chapter and Professional Chapter.

On the 28th Day of March 2014, at the AGM held at Hotel Renuka the industry saw a new committee of ICT professionals take over responsibilities as Chapters’ key stakeholders. The FITIS ETC has been a chapter, which comprises of several key institutions, colleges and establishments in the IT Education and Training Sector. The Chapter appointed her 5th President, Dr. Viraj Pinto Jayawardena, who is also the Chairman of MATRIX Institute of Information Technology (Pvt) Ltd.

The Chapter is also strengthen by key players from the ICT Education and Training sector, such as Mr. Upul Dassanayake from ESOFT Metro Campus, Dr. Ishantha Siribaddana Chairman of the Institute of Java and Technological Studies, Mr. T. Romesh from Asian Business College (pvt)ltd., Mr. M.A.M.Ziyam from WinSYS Networks Pvt Ltd, Mr. Sudarshan Wellihinna from Informatics Institute of Computer Studies (IIT), Mr. Kapila R Giragama from Orient Academy Limited, Mr. Vajira Karunarathne from Gateway Centre for Information Technology and Ms. Luciana Maurene from NetAssit International (Pvt) Ltd, Mr. Amila Bandara from Siksil Institute of Information Technology and Mr.M.Fairooz from Lithan Genovate who formed the Executive Council.The FITIS ETC laid down several extremely useful projects headed by the new president. The Chapter put forward a new plan to implement the ICIT Program, which was initiated by the former President of the FITIS – ETC Dr. Kithsiri Manchanayake. The ICIT program will be one of the kind since it has a strong syllabi set by the University of Colombo School of Computing (UCSC) with the industrial touch by SLASCOM and the FITIS. The key partners of the ICIT program is FITIS, SLASCOM, ICTA, Ministry of Higher Education, UCSC, NODES.

The FITIS – ETC has also planned to conduct several seminars on IT and related topics mainly targeting the students in IT and non IT and also the industrial sector. The first seminar will be on IT Security and will be held on the 10th of May 2014 at the Royal College, Auditorium from 9.30am to 11.30am. The Chapter is planning to have several such seminars on World of Objects, Education and IT (EduIT), how IT will be an integral part in many other sectors such as Accounting, Agriculture, Commerce…etc.

The Chapter launched a another one of the kind IT Quiz programs, which is an online Quiz allowing candidates, mainly from schools and university undergraduates to compete in the Quiz program where the best 40 candidates will be selected to perform the grand finale. The Quiz Program will open to the public in month of June 2014.
The Chapter subcommittee appointed for the EnewsBoard, is working to complete the first set of Articles for the website and this will enable many to use this site to obtain latest articles on various topics and research on IT.
During this year the chapter will also be starting off the IT Education Expo and further has many plans to make it an innovative project virtualization. This project will generate several sources of income to the Chapter and therefore the Chapter has set higher priorities for project commencement and completion.
At an exclusive interview with the President, he stated, “The FITIS – ETC is therefore a wonderful opportunity for organizations to network with leading business entities in the country and further to obtain the recognition among the corporate sector”. With 28 active members the Chapter has a strong vision to reach memberships of 50 in total by the end of April 2015.