Dear Members of the Federation of IT Industry Companies,

It is with great pride and responsibility; I will accept this position as the chairman of FITIS. The role of Chairman FITIS, be the binding glue of the umbrella IT associations for setting up vision for the industry by working with the leadership in respective associations.

At this juncture, it is with great respect I would like to remember the hard work that all our past chairs have done and it is now become my turn to amplify and accelerate the same.

Executive committees of the IT associations are a voluntary work and can be frustrating and demanding at times, therefore I would like to thank first, everyone who has been and serving now in various committees of our associations towards the betterment of the industry and would like to request their fullest support with my current endeavor.

If you are reading this but not serving a committee, you are still a leader in a member organization you have been the pillars of our existence as you have had a faith in coming together to create the value.Therefore I would like to thank all the member organizations and their staff being part of this.

Finally FITIS Secretariat which serves our member organizations with the day to execution of the strategy is also an important part of our existence and without them we would not be able to do what we have done. It is with sincere gratitude I would like to thank all the staff who run tirelessly fulfilling the vision of the federation.

I personally believe the value what we create should enrich our member companies businesses as a priority, while delivering a greater and broader goals for our country.

Therefore I suggest over the next 12 months, I will focus and work along with you to enhance the following areas that deliver dividends to our stake holders.

1. Streamline the federation’s legal and operational aspects

2. Re stating the value of our member organizations as a priority

3. Create a strategy that help members, reinventing and aligning their businesses to lead the tomorrows market

4. Integrate the federation to deliver and empower the country vision

You are one of the leadership roles in our industry. I therefore expect your sincere and relentless contribution in fine tuning the vision and help executing our action plan over next 50 weeks laying the foundation for creating value.


Dr. Kithsiri Manchanayakke (Phd)

Chairman – FITIS



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