Established in 1992, FITIS Software Chapter formerly known as the Association for the Software Industry (SLASI) is a founder member of the Federation of IT Industry Sri Lanka (FITIS) and the most active, the biggest and the oldest software industry association in Sri Lanka. FITIS Software Chapter’s main objective is to promote the Software and related Services to achieve the best use of Information Technology and thereby contribute to the Balanced Growth of Sri Lankan economy.

A general overview of Sri Lanka’s software industry shows that the biggest obstacle for the growth of this vital sector in the future would be the critical dearth of software engineers. We will have to give up large scale foreign software projects if there is a mismatch between human resources development and software industry growth. They should go hand-in-hand. To overcome this obstacle, the Sri Lanka Association for the Software Industry has identified the potential in youth and adopted a strategy to absorb them into the industry under a series of long-term programs that have been launched. What is unique about the information technology industry is the constant transformation it goes through with a relatively new outlook in an evolving environment. Therefore, it is important to keep professionals updated on the new trends and development through a consistent learning process.

Hence ambitious plans are now on the cards to develop the Sri Lanka’s Software Industry to its full potential to drive the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) sector to achieve an enhanced US$ 5 billion annual target in foreign exchange revenue through the export of computer software products and services. At present, Sri Lanka’s earnings from the export of software products and services is in the range of US$ 850 million. We are optimistic of pushing up the revenue from this segment to US$ 5 billion within the next few years.

In order to achieve this new, enhanced target, FITIS Software Chapter has already initiated a series of significant changes for the forward-march and overall progress of Sri Lanka’s software industry and worked out a comprehensive plan of action to make this initiative a reality.

The key objectives under focus are increased import substitution through enhancement and development of locally developed software products and services and extending assistance to members to initiate and increase software exports in order to meet the national target of IT/BPO industry, as the highest net foreign income generating industry in Sri Lanka.

Some of the new initiatives lined up for this year include an incubation centre to assist local software vendors to move towards export-oriented business advisory services would cover, international market information, market penetration strategies, identifying and selecting partners, communication training, collateral preparation, product customization, localization requirements, mentoring, etc.

I invite all member companies to interact with us in these initiatives for the betterment of the Software Industry in Sri Lanka. Non-members are also encouraged to work with us and join us for better results as FITIS Software Chapter believes in collaborations in promoting innovations and creating value.

Thank You!

Abbas Kamrudeen
President – Software Chapter, FITIS