Education and Training Chapter Initiatives

Sri Lanka’s IT literacy rate is 15.3% and the highest of 20% is from Colombo. In simple terms only 1 out of 5 people even living in Colombo knows Computers and Computing. (Source : Department of Senses and statistics, statistics of 2011). When comparing with UK, 71% of employed people have a computer at home (BECTA b 2001). Statistics also indicate that although 51 per cent of adults in Britain have accessed the Internet. in Sri Lanka only 17.8% of the Sri Lankan have computers at Home. Thus shows the gap of computing and the use of IT in day to day lives and also in many commercial establishments.

To bridge this gap of technology and IT education among all, the Federation’s Education and Training chapter has made several initiatives: The International Competency of Information Technology (ICIT) program is one such program of study, which will allow a candidate to commence at Level 01(the basic level) and proceed to become a graduate in the field of IT and Computing. Several other institutions are a part of the program, namely, Ministry of Higher Education(MOHE), ICTA, University of Colombo School of Computing (UCSC), NODES centers, SLASCOM and other sister chapters of the FITIS. The other main strength of the program is the industrial recognition thus allowing a successful candidate to be industrially employed just after his/ her successful completion of the program.

With several other top initiatives the FITIS Education and Training Chapters strives to achieve excellence and further recognition among the IT community. The Chapter with the other sister chapters are closely working with several Ministries and further with several foreign Federations with the sole intension to enhance and strengthen the IT and computing among all.