Sri Lanka’s ICT Industry Softball Cricket Championship 2015 concluded very successfully on 10th May 2015 at P Sara Oval Grounds, Colombo 08. This event was organized by the Hardware Chapter of the Federation of IT Industry Sri Lanka for the 10th consecutive year.

Powernet (Pvt) Ltd and Sala Enterprises were the joint Champions of the Cricket Championship 2015 since the Final Match was interrupted by the bad weather in the night. Sanje Lanka Pvt Ltd was the 2nd runner up and Lanka Bell Pvt Ltd won the Plate Award at the tournament.

Lenovo India was the main Sponsor of the event while Samson IT was the platinum Sponsor. IT Security partner was the Avian Technologies. 3M Pvt Ltd, IT Gallery, Barclays were silver sponsors and Informatics Institute of Technology was a category sponsor. The event was supported by SLASSCOM too.

It was a day and night match and very popular among the ICT Industry in Sri Lanka. More than 100 teams took part representing various ICT companies and more than 3000 visitors attracted to the event. Organizers have arranged ICT Queen & ICT King Contests, Bouncer for kids, Papare Bands, Food Stalls, and DJ music giving greater enjoyment for the visitors and participants this time around.

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      Main Sponsor
Samson IT (Pvt) Ltd Platinum Sponsor
Avian Technologies (Pvt) Ltd IT Security Partner
3M (Pvt) Ltd Silver Sponsor
IT Gallery (Pvt) Ltd Silver Sponsor
Barcalyes Pvt Silver Sponsor



Sri Lanka’s ICT Industry softball Cricket Championship – 2014 was held on 11th May 2014 at P. Sara Oval Grounds. The event was organized as a Day & Night tournament by the Hardware Chapter of FITIS for the 9th consecutive year.

The event is very popular within the ICT Industry and the 2014 tournament registered a total of 106 teams representing various ICT companies competing for the trophy. The event also attracted over 3,000 visitors. The 2014 tournament was an entertaining experience for all members and participants with a number of parallel events and activities also taking place, such as the ICT Queen contest, DJ music giving greater enjoyment for all at the grounds.

FITIS would like to recognize the contributions made by the following event sponsors towards the successful completion of the 2014 tournament;

3M Lanka (Pvt) Ltd Platinum Sponsor
Samson IT (Pvt) Ltd GOLD Sponsor
Singer Sri Lanka PLC GOLD Sponsor
Avian Technologies (Pvt) Ltd IT Security Partner
ASUS Technologies (Pvt) Ltd Silver Sponsor
SALA Enterprises Silver Sponsor
FARH Tech (Pvt) Ltd Silver Sponsor
BCS Regional Office Bronze Sponsor
SLASSCOM Supported by