FITIS Sri Lanka at ‘India IT Show 2015’

The IT industry in Sri Lanka has given prominence to achieving wide scale awareness. As a result of this endeavor the industry has come quite far in the process. Presently the Sri Lankan IT industry has been able to provide world class products in the Software Sector. Having provided border security software, and stock market platforms (South Africa), to name a few of the wide ranging products that have been created by the Sri Lankan software industry. This year India which is leader in this industry took the initiative to invite Sri Lanka to the India IT Show 2015 held recently in New Delhi.
“The IT industry has understood the need to move up the value chain in the export sector, fully understanding and stressing on the importance of connecting the country with the world, digitally.
Software giants like Digital India, e-governance, making India campaign and many other programmes that run on an IT backbone, like space, Adhara, financial inclusion and healthcare, have transformed the Indian economic landscape. We should take an example from them and use that knowledge and experience to our benefit,” said Chairman, Federation of Information Technology of Sri Lanka, Chinthaka Wijewickreme at an interview with Ceylon FT recently.