FITIS to Launch Initiatives to boost IT Industry – Daily News – June 11, 2014

A series of new initiatives aimed at giving an impetus to the country’s Information Technology industry will be launched by the Federation of Information Technology Industry Sri Lanka (FITIS), new Chairman, Chinthaka Wijewickrama said.

Speaking to the media, he said that his top priority as the Chairman of FITIS would be to develop greater harmonious interaction and forge unity amongst the diverse businessmen in the Information Technology industry and improve the existing rapport between the government and the private sectors in this vital segment.

The Sri Lanka ICT Industry Association, FITIS, the Federation of Information Technology Industry Sri Lanka, which constitutes Sri Lanka Computer Vendors Association (SLCVA) ,the Hardware Chapter, Sri Lanka Association for the Software Industry (SLASI), the Software Chapter, Association of Computer Training Organizations (ACTOS),the Training Chapter, Lanka Internet Service Providers Association (LISPA)/ (TPA),the Telecommunications Chapter and Information Systems Audit and Control Association (ISACA)-the Professional Chapter. FITIS has been in operation for the last 20 years as the unified umbrella organization of the ICT industry in Sri Lanka. FITIS has been actively engaged in setting the strategic direction and developing the ICT industry in Sri Lanka with many programs which have been successfully implemented.

Outlining his vision and mission for Sri Lanka’s Information Technology industry, as the new Chairman of FITIS, Wijewickrama said, “My objective is to add a new dimension to the initiatives launched by FITIS to further develop the Information Technology industry. I want to ensure the successful completion of these ongoing programmes of work.”

“In this regard, the foundation has been laid to accomplish the conduct of the INFOTEL- 2014 Information Technology Exhibition, the Young Computer Scientists Competition, the Inter Cricket Tournament played amongst information technology companies, Tech-Forum Workshop and such similar frontline projects for the greater good and overall development of the industry.”

In addition, FITIS is also optimistic of launching a series of new programmes with the primary objective of developing all aspects of the Information Technology sector.

In line with this goal, plans are now afoot to prepare a comprehensive Information Technology Guide, establish an Employment Bank, design information and technology training programmes compatible with the needs and demands of Sri Lanka’s job market, improve computer literacy and knowledge on information technology amongst the older generation and introduce national-level quiz programmes on the subject of information and technology.