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ICIT is an internationally acceptable program which on successful completion would lead to recognized qualification in IT up to a degree level.

The main partners who would be implementing the program would be FITIS providing the selection and training of the students while the UCSC would be responsible for the curriculum and testing of the student.

    • The ICIT program has been designed to be an internationally recognized qualification, which on completion will be equal to SLQL (Sri Lanka Qualification Framework Level) Level 5 and NVQL (National Vocational Qualification Level) Level 7.
    • The main objectives of this unique IT degree programme are:-
      • To introduce internationally accepted IT curriculum to the nation.
      • To produce competent IT professionals who are equipped not only with up to date knowledge but also with soft skills required by the industry.
      • To create alternative pathway for those who are unable to enter into state universities.
      • The course content has been developed in consultation with industry experts to meet the requirements of the industry.


The acceptance of this program is guaranteed as it incorporates many features that are not available in other similar training programs

    • It is a collaborative Programme between the Academia and Industry (UCSC and FITIS)
    • Effective Public Private Partnership
    • Learning path which connects IT Vocational Qualifications to IT Professional/Academic Degree for a Knowledge society
    • It addresses the Employability factors such as Soft Skill literacy, numeracy – team working communication skills …..
    • Credit Transfers

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Dr. Kithsiri Manchanayake, President, Education & Training Chapter of FITIS presenting the ICIT Programme Prospectus to Prof. Gihan Wickremanayake at the programme launch during the INFOTEL 2013