The Federation of Information Technology Industry Sri Lanka (FITIS) has been helping the ICT sector of the country and the members for the past 25 years. Our members enjoy an advantage of being a part of the longest established, and at the same time the most dynamic ICT Industry Association in Sri Lanka.  2017 was very successful year for the ICT Industry and our association both as we celebrated the 25th Year anniversary this year. Our main objectives in 2017 were to enhance the local ICT Industry to ensure that Sri Lanka remains one of the best and most competitive ICT hubs in South Asia.

In addition to promoting, representing and safeguarding the interests of the Sri Lanka ICT community, we also provided members with business intelligence and opportunities through many programs and initiatives during the year. We broadened our networks with the Government, International Alliances, Other ICT associations, Other Industry Associations and Stakeholders to create more value to our membership.  In that aspect, we entered to several Strategic Alliances with several stakeholders in 2017. In addition to that, FITIS’s presence and representation at the Government and other institutions were drastically enhanced and increased during the year and FITIS was visible at all industry related forums and events.

While celebrating the 25th year anniversary of Infotel National ICT Exhibition this year we added new features and a we focused on ‘solutions oriented’ adding more weight on the theme ‘Towards a Digital Economy’. This year we received the support from the Government more than any other year. Hon Harin Fernando – Minister of Telecommunication and Digital Infrastructure was the Chairman of Infotel 2018 Steering Committee pledging the fullest support from the government.

In the year 2018, we have lined up many activities and programs under several strategic pillars. Industry Promotion, Capacity Building, Supporting the ICT Industry Eco-System, Creating Networking Opportunities and Strengthening the relationship with international alliances.

For an association to grow, its members need to participate whole heartedly and work with us shoulder-to-shoulder to achieve our aims. Hence, your active involvement with FITIS will be welcomed, appreciated and valued. On behalf of the Executive Council of FITIS, I appreciate the support of the Government of Sri Lanka including the HE President, Hon Prime Hon Minister and the Secretary of Telecommunication and Digital Infrastructure, ICT Agency of Sri Lanka, all affiliated government and private sector institutions and their heads, Sponsors, Partners and all stakeholders who helped FITIS in 2017 in our journey towards developing the ICT Industry.

I take this opportunity to thank Chapter Presidents for their outstanding leadership and all of the Ex Co members for their tireless efforts in bringing industry to the next level. I sincerely thank the Members, All Stakeholders and the Secretariat for continuous support and commitment in serving the ICT Industry.

I wish FITIS all the success in all future endeavors!


Dr Kithsiri Manchanayakke

Chairman FITIS