FITIS provides a number of business development and industry promotion platforms with the objective of providing members and other stakeholders in the ICT industry to promote their products and services. These events are more commercial, business promotion events mainly in the form of exhibitions, trade fairs and industry showcases. In the year 2013 too, FITIS organised two main events to achieve this objective.


The Popular Sri Lankan ICT exposition INFOTEL, organized by FITIS, concluded its 2013 edition from October 24th -27th at the Sri Lanka Exhibition and Convention Centre. (SLECC).INFOTEL 2013was concurrently took place with the World Summit Awards organized by ICTA. The theme of INFOTEL 2013 was “Enhancing lives”.

Being the flagship event of FITIS, INFOTEL has evolved to be the largest technology exhibition held in Sri Lanka and is patronized by the key decision makers of leading organizations. The exhibition featured a wide range of ICT solutions and services and provided a lucrative platform for new business opportunities.

INFOTEL has, in the past received, wide publicity throughout the country and the region, having attracted over 200 exhibitors and over 50,000 visitors each year. The key objective of 2013 exhibition was to mobilize in creating a “Knowledge Hub” and positioning Sri Lankan ICT products and showcasing their technological advancements and innovations.

Event Profile

Dates :- 24th – 27th October, 2013

Venue :- Sri Lanka Exhibition & Convention Centre (SLECC)


  • 20,000 Visitors
  • Exhibitors   58
  • Sponsors   19
  • Stalls Over 200 Stalls


  • ICTA-National Partner
  • CSSL (Computer Society of Sri Lanka)-Strategic Partner
  • ITN (The Independent Television Network)-Media Partner
  • WIJEYA NEWSPAPERS-Print Media Partner
  • ECHELON-Business Magazine Partner
  • BCS- Strategic Partner
  • SLASSCOM- Strategic Partner


Platinum Sponsor

  • Sri Lanka Telecom (SLT)
  •  Gold Sponsor
  •  Kaspersky (Avion)

Silver Sponsors

  •   ESOFT
  •   3M Lanka
  •   Windows Phone
  •   Micromax
  •   Prolink
  •   Singer
  •   Trident Corporation
  •   ATOM Media
  •   BBS Publications
  •   Western Digital

Hon. RanjithSiyambalapitiya, Minister of Information Technology & Telecommunication inaugurating the INFOTEL 2013 national ICT Exhibition


Sri Lanka Telecom presenting their Platinum Sponsorship Commitment at the launch of INFOTEL 2013


Enthusiastic crowds at the INFOTEL 2013


FITIS took part in the “Reflection of Sri Lanka 2013” national exhibition concurrently held with the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting (CHOGM) 2013from 13-17 November 2013 at the invitation of Exports Development Board. The exhibition was held at “Ape Gama” in Battaramulla and FITIS could get the visibility to more than one million national / international visitors.




One of the key objectives of FITIS is the development of ICT skills, knowledge and talents of its members and the future ICT industry aspirants, particularly the younger generation. FITIS offers a number of programmes and actions aimed towards achieving this objective. As in the past, FITIS carried out these actions and programmes in 2013 with success and accomplishment.


The FITIS Award for Most Outstanding University Student, acronymic and popularly known as the FAMOUS award is an annual award sponsored and awarded by FITIS.

Universities are a major group of stakeholders of the ICT industry. Our popularity within the faculty members and the student population (who are the ICT professionals within the next several years) is vital to achieve the objectives of FITIS. The main objective of the Famous Gold Award is;

  1. To create awareness among university students and faculty members about FITIS and its member associations
  2. To develop working relationships with universities and key people in IT faculties so that FITIS and member Associations are involved in and invited for their policy and functional level activities
  3. To promote academic excellence and achievements among universities and recognize the achievers
  4. To gain publicity and position FITIS among various stakeholder groups including the public showing our CSR/SRB.



“TechEve” is a Forum for ICT Industry middle managers and executives to gather knowledge, best practices and network with industry peers. This is an initiative of FITIS Software Chapter and FITIS has been conducting many TechEves for over 5 years on various topics relating to the ICT Industry in Sri Lanka. FITIS invites an eminent speaker on a selected topic/ area and members are invited to send their middle, senior managers and executives to gather knowledge on this selected topic. The target audience of FITIS TechEve includes Middle Managers, Software Developers, Software Engineers, Tech Leads, Software Architects, System and Circuit designers, Project Managers, Product Managers and other managers and executives in the ICT Industry in Sri Lanka.

TechEves of 2013

The Significance of requirements and estimations in the Software delivery

  • Speaker : – Mr.Ramesh Michael, BU Head, ODC & Projects, JKCS
  • Date : – 14th May 2013
  • Venue : – OPA Auditorium
  • Audience : – Over 40 participants


Mr. Hussain Shabbir, Ex. Co. Member of FITIS Software Chapter in conversation with Mr. Ramesh Michael

Fit for Life

  • Speaker : –  Mr.Talavou Alailima,Managing Director, Power World
  • Date : – 04th July 2013
  • Venue : – Royal College Auditorium
  • Audience : – Over 40 participants


Mr.Talavou Alailima making his presentation at the FITI TechEve

Online Advertising beyond Social Media

  • Speaker : – Mr.RohanJayaweera, Country Consultant, Google
  • Date : – 7th August 2013
  • Venue : – Royal College Auditorium
  • Audience : – Over 80 participants


Mr. Rohan Jayaweera making his presentation at the FITIS TechEve



The Tech Forum is another initiative of the Software Chapter. The objective of the event is to promote and disseminate useful knowledge in software technology to all stakeholders of the industry enabling them to enhance their contribution to the growth and development of the Sri Lankan national economy while creating value for industry stakeholders.

    • The TechForum is a unique event where cutting edge ICT technologies are presented to a range of audience in the industry on multiple topics in a single platform.
    • Independent Experts of the selected topics and Speakers of leading global companies present their technology innovations and market trends which makes an impact on future use of software technology in business.
    • A full day event where each partner organizations would deliver a technology centric presentations.
    • Speakers of previous events include experts from Borland, IBM, Progress Software, Microsoft, WSO2, Cisco, Sybasem, Business Objects etc.
    • Speakers/ Panelists    :

1.    Mr.ReshanDevapura, CEO, ICTA
2.    Mr. SanjayaKarunasena, CTO, ICTA
3.    Mr.Kalpa De Silva, Director – Ceylon Linux
4.    Mr. Fran Alvarez, Director –  Zaizi Asia (Pvt) Ltd
5.    Mr.MadhusankaGoonathilake, Tech Lead – Orange HRM
6.    Mr.MinoshaReshanPerera, Solutions Designer-  JKCS
7.    Mr.PrithivirajKulasingha, Principal Database Administrator – Pearson Lanka
8.    Mr.DedunuDhananjaya, Industrial Trainee: Database Administrator – Pearson Lanka
Mr.KishanNavaratne, Senior Quality Assurance Engineer (Test Automation) – 99X Technologies
9.    Mr.GunithDevasurendra, Senior Software Engineer – CMS
10.    Dr.HarshaWijewardena, Senior Lecturer, UCSC
11.    Mr. Hussain Shabbir, Chief Technology Officer & Head of Operations, Aeturnum Lanka (Pvt) Ltd
12.    Prof.Gehan Dias, Professor – University of Moratuwa
13.    Mr.MinoshaReshanPerera, Solutions Designer –  JKCS

  • Speakers/ Panelists      :
  • Mr.ReshanDevapura, CEO, ICTA
  • Mr. SanjayaKarunasena, CTO, ICTA
  • Mr.Kalpa De Silva, Director – Ceylon Linux
  • Mr. Fran Alvarez, Director – Zaizi Asia (Pvt) Ltd
  • Mr.MadhusankaGoonathilake, Tech Lead – Orange HRM
  • Mr.MinoshaReshanPerera, Solutions Designer- JKCS
  • Mr.PrithivirajKulasingha, Principal Database Administrator – Pearson Lanka
  • Mr.DedunuDhananjaya, Industrial Trainee: Database Administrator – Pearson Lanka
    Mr.KishanNavaratne, Senior Quality Assurance Engineer (Test Automation) – 99X Technologies
  • Mr.GunithDevasurendra, Senior Software Engineer – CMS
  • Dr.HarshaWijewardena, Senior Lecturer, UCSC
  • Mr. Hussain Shabbir, Chief Technology Officer & Head of Operations, Aeturnum Lanka (Pvt) Ltd
  • Prof.Gehan Dias, Professor – University of Moratuwa
  • Mr.MinoshaReshanPerera, Solutions Designer –  JKCS


Mr. ReshanDevapura, CEO, ICTA delivering the specialaddress at the inauguration of the FITIS TechForum 2013


FITIS continuously strive for improving the knowledge of best practices among ICT industry stakeholders in Sri Lanka. As one of the strategies for the capacity development of the sector, FITIS organized a series of training programmes based on the knowledge and expertise needs of the ICT sector. Most of the Training Programs conducted during the year were targeted to the CEO’s, Directors, Software Developers, Software Architects, Project Managers etc.
FITIS successfully concluded the following Training Programs during the year 2013 with the funding assistance of ICTA.

1.    Business Analysis

Trainer :- Ms. Ashwini Rao, ESI International India
Dates :- 18, 19, 20 February 2013
No of participants :- 20
Venue :- Hotel Renuka,
Target Audience :-

CTOs, CIOs, Business Analysts, Software Developers, Technicians, Software Engineers, Tech Leads, Software Architects, System and Circuit designers, Project Managers , Product Managers and all other managers and executives involved in the Business Analysis  process.

Participant Companies    :

1)    Aklo IT
2)    AxientaPvt.Ltd
3)    Cenmetrix
5)    Epic lanka
6)    Epic technologies Ltd
7)    FITIS
8)    Global web solutions
9)    Inova IT Systems Pvt.Ltd
10)    John keels computer services
11)    Pack Software
12)    Wakensyspvt.Ltd
13)    Winsys Networks
14)    Zillione Systems solutions


Ms. Ashwini Rao making his presentation

2. Writing and Generating Patents

Trainer :- Dr. Stevan H Voldman – USA

Dates :- 29th and30th July, 2013

No of participants :- 25

Venue :- Hilton Colombo Residence

Target Audience :-

CTOs , CEOs , CIOs, Software Developers, Technicians, Software Engineers, Tech Leads, Software Architects, System and Circuit designers, Project Managers , Product Managers and Attorneys involved in the invention process, or anyone that wants to invent including

Participant Companies    :

1)    AxientaPvt.Ltd
2)    DMS Software engineering
4)    Epic lanka
5)    ESoft computer studies
6)    Hayleys consumer ltd.
7)    Informatics Institute of Technology
9)    Motorola solutions
10)    Mylinex International
11)    Pearson
12)    Sala Enterprises
14)    Star computers
16)    Transact
17)    UCSC
18)    Zone 24×7


Dr. Stevan H Voldman at the two-day training programme


3. Agile Project Management

Trainer :- Mr. S. Pratheek, Simplilearn – India

Dates :- 27-28 September 2013

No of participants :- 20

Venue :- Galadari Hotel

Target Audience :-

CTOs, CIOs, CEOs , Software Developers, Technicians, Software Engineers, Tech Leads, Software Architects, System and Circuit designers, Project Managers , Product Managers and all other managers and executives involved in the project management process,


Mr. S. Pratheek at the two-day training programme

Participant Companies


1)      Aklo IT

2)      Axienta (Pvt.) Ltd.

3)      Cenmetrix

4)      Cybersoft (Pvt.) Ltd.

5)      Epic Lanka

6)      Epic Technologies Ltd.

7)      FITIS

8)      Global Web Solutions

9)      InovaIT Systems (Pvt.) Ltd.

10)  John Keels Computer Services

11)  Park Software

12)  Wakensys (Pvt.) Ltd.

13)  Winsys Networks

14)  Zillione Systems Solutions


The Federation of Information Technology Industry Sri Lanka (FITIS) Software Chapter (SLASI), the national organization representing the Software Industry in Sri Lanka has been organizing the Young Computer Scientist (YCS) Award for the last 10 years. This program is modeled on the Asia Pacific ICT Awards (APICTA).  The competition aims to expose the computing talents of school children at early stages and encourage them to develop their talents and earn recognition for their innovations.

The YCS competition is open for two groups of students; aged 10 to 16 the junior category, and 17 to 20 years, the senior category.  The selection process is based on an initial assessment from a panel of judges, followed by a presentation/demonstration by the students and a final judgment by the same panel selected amongst industry and academia.

The winners, the school principals and the IT teachers of all the winning schools are invited to the awards ceremony. In addition to the winners, the winning schools will be recognized at the awards ceremony.

Programme Objectives:

1. To Facilitate FITIS Software Chapter SLASI’s main aim of shaping the knowledge nation
of the future and make Sri Lanka renowned as an IT hub.
2. Nurturing the computer scientists of tomorrow
3. Provide an effective platform for young IT talents in order to grow and triumph.
4. Provide opportunities for as many an aspiring inventor to showcase their creations both locally and regionally.
5. Bring ICT in to rural schools
6. Discovering the hidden IT talents in younger generation
7. Help the National policy on achieving the 75% of ICT literacy towards Knowledge

1. Ministry of Education
2. University of Colombo School of Computing (UCSC)
3. Computer Society of Sri Lanka – CSSL

YCS 2013 – Programme Participation

YCS 2013 programme recorded a remarkable response from schools as shown below;

Provinces    Students
Central Province    70
Eastern Province    434
Northern Province    29
North Central Province    60
North Western Province    75
Southern Province    18
Sabaragamuwa Province    101
Uwa Province    322
Western Province    245
Total    1354


YCS 2013 Awards Ceremony:
•    Date :- 23rd December 2013
•    Venue :- New Arts Theater, University of Colombo
•    Participants :- 1500 application and more than 850 projects
•    YCS Sponsors
•    ICTA    (Information and communication Technology Agency)
•    CS Enterprises
•    Horizon College
•    Barclays Computers (Pvt) Ltd. – Official Equipment Provider
•    Gateway College – Air Ticket Sponsor
•    Epic Lanka (Pvt) Ltd. – Air Ticket Sponsor

Three winners of the national competition were sent to participate in the Asia Pacific ICT Awards (APICTA) programme held in November 2013 in Hong Kong. FITIS sponsored air tickets of the three school winners.Two of them brought fame to the country by winning Merit Awards.


DushanChanuka of Ananda Collage, Colombo being awarded at the YCS 2013

RaashidAhamed of Baduriya Central Collage, Mawanella being awarded

Well attended audience of the YCS 2013 Awards Ceremony



ICIT is an internationally acceptable program which on successful completion would lead to recognized qualification in IT up to a degree level.

The main partners who would be implementing the program would be FITIS providing the selection and training of the students while the UCSC would be responsible for the curriculum and testing of the student.

a)     The ICIT program has been designed to be an internationally recognized qualification, which on completion will be equal to SLQL (Sri Lanka Qualification Framework Level) Level 5 and NVQL (National Vocational Qualification Level) Level 7.

b)      The main objectives of this unique IT degree programme are:-

–        To introduce internationally accepted IT curriculum to the nation.

–        To produce competent IT professionals who are equipped not only with up to date knowledge but also with soft skills required by the industry.

–        To create alternative pathway for those who are unable to enter into state universities.

–        The course content has been developed in consultation with industry experts to meet the requirements of the industry.


The acceptance of this program is guaranteed as it incorporates many features that are not available in other similar training programs

–          It is a collaborative Programme between the Academia and Industry (UCSC and FITIS)
–          Effective Public Private Partnership
–          Learning path which connects IT Vocational Qualifications to IT Professional/Academic Degree for a Knowledge society
–          It addresses the Employability factors such as Soft Skill literacy, numeracy – team working communication skills …..

–          Credit Transfers


Dr. KithsiriManchanayake, President, Education & Training Chapter of FITIS presenting the ICIT Programme Prospectus to Prof. GihanWickremanayake at the programme launch during the INFOTEL 2013


FITIS is actively contributing towards creating a conducive policy and regulatory environment for the growth of ICT industry in Sri Lanka. FITIS achieves this objective by constantly interacting with policy and decision makers at various levels of the government and other related organisations and making FITIS’s position clear on many issues affecting the ICT industry in Sri Lanka


Name of Institution/ Committee Name of FITIS Representative Position/ Capacity
Export Development Board (EDB) – Advisory Committee, ICT/ BPO Sector Mr. T. Suresh, Chairman, FITIS Member
Export Development Board (EDB) – Advisory Committee, ICT/ BPO Sector Mr. Udaya de Silva, Hony. Secretary, FITIS Member
National Chamber of Commerce – ICT Industry Committee Mr. Chinthaka Wijewickrema, President, FITIS Hardware Chapter Member
University Grants Commission Mr. Shanta R. Yapa, President, FITIS Software Chapter Member
Ceylon Chamber of Commerce Mr. Abbas Kamrudeen, Vice President, FITIS Software Chapter Member
Presidential Task Force for English and IT Mr. Udaya de Silva, Hony. Secretary, FITIS Board Member
Asian Oceania Computing Industry Organization(ASOCIO) Dr. KithsiriManchanayakke Ex Co Member

Asia Pacific Information and Communications Technology Alliance (APICTA)Mr. Shanta R YapaEx Co Member


FITIS called upon a number of important key decision/ policy makers in the ICT industry sector and shared their views, ideas and suggestions on several policy and regulatory matters affecting the industry. Some of them are;

  1. Meeting with World Bank ICT Sector review Mission – on 2nd October 2013
  2. Meeting with the Secretary Ministry of Higher Education on 8th August 2013
  3. Meeting with CEO ICTA, Mr. ReshanDevapura on 14th August 2013


FITIS submitted a comprehensive proposal to the Ministry of Finance on the strategic development of ICT industry in the country for consideration for the national budget 2014.

FITIS focused on key initiatives to be adopted to enhance the ICT sector that included, the IT literacy rate to be increased to 75% by the year 2016, Internet penetration to be increased by the year 2016, 80,000 new employment opportunities to be created by the year 2016, ICT industry to achieve US $ 1 billion export revenue mark by year 2016 from its current level of US $ 600 million as the ICT sector is the fourth largest foreign exchange earner in Sri Lanka.

FITIS also recommended in making Hambantota as the emerging ICT trading hub of South Asia with enhanced aviation network and business/ tourist arrivals that will maximize the emerging ports and aviation potential of Hambantota. This will also create over 3,000 new employment opportunities in the ICT sector in addition to maximising tourism potential in the Southern Sri Lanka.

The proposal by FITIS also recommended that the software sector be recognized as an industry officially as a professional service and also suggested that the current unit rate be adjusted so that will make the industry more competitive and will result in greater software exports from Sri Lanka.

The government endorsed some of these views by proposing to develop an ICT Zone at Hambantota as the emerging ICT Hub of South Asia, capitalizing on the newly built infrastructure such as the Port, Airport, expressway and the railway network, by promoting investments in this zone.

Another area that was outlined by FITIS was to encourage genuine importers to enter the ICT market in Sri Lanka by discouraging smuggling and illegal imports and Improving the National Readiness Index (NRI) which is currently at a lower level due to violation of Intellectual Property (IP) rights and piracy issues etc.

With regard to the anomalies in the Tax administration affecting the ICT industry, particularly the Hardware sector, FITIS made substantial recommendations in the proposal. Hardware related products are subjectedto 12% VAT, 5% PAL AND 2%   NBT. This has resulted in confusion, imbalance in the tax structure and the absence of a fair pricing policy amongst the imports with some of them charging VAT on bill whilst some of them did not. It has also lead to the birth of a flourishing black market that now controls the majority of the sales in the Sri Lankan market. Since these imports are not counted in international and local statistics it does not show the growth in the local market and instead there has been a negative growth as black market sales increase, while genuine imports have declined. Therefore FITIS suggested that such items should be exempt from taxes and 2% NBT.

FITIS is extremely encouraged that the proposals were accepted by the government who proposed to support the industry by rectifying various anomalies in taxation pertaining to IT related items. The new Revenue Protection Order would provide a better classification for IT and IT related products under a single tariff band with reduced rates of import duty and the removal of VAT on hardware and software.



The ASOCIO (Asian Oceania Computing Industry Organization)is a regional IT industry body expanding beyond SAARC and ASEAN regions comprising 22 member countries including Japan, India, Australia, New Zealand, South Korea, Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Chinese Taipei, Bangladesh, Thailand, Singapore etc. ASOCIO was established in 1984 to promote, encourage and foster relationships and ICT trade between its member countries and develop the industry in its member economies in the Asian-Oceania region.ASOCIO is represented in Sri Lanka by FITIS.

FITIS Hosted ASOCIO 2012 International ICT Summit and Conference “ASOCIO 2012- ICT Beyond Borders“ from 15th -17th November, 2012 at Hilton Colombo, with the participation of 23 member countries in the Asian-Oceanian region. ASOCIO ICT SUMMIT 2013 was held concurrently with, Software Expo Asia 2013 in Bangkok, Thailand from 25-28 September 2013. Dr. KithsiriManchanayake, President, Education & Training Chapter represented FITIS at ASOCIO ICT Summit 2013 in Bangkok.

In addition to the ASOCIO ICT Summit & Software Expo Asia Conference, the Summit brought several activities that helped the participants’ discovery, exchange, learn, share and network. There was a B2B meetings organized concurrently with these and Wakensys (Pvt) Ltd., a member of FITIS took part at the exhibition representing FITIS.



Wakensys (Pvt) Ltd., a member of FITIS at Software Expo Asia 2013 in Bangkok, Thailand


Asia Pacific Information and Communications Technology Alliance (APICTA) is an annual international awards program to increase information and communications technology (ICT) awareness in the community and assist in bridging the digital divide. By providing networking and product benchmarking opportunities to ICT innovators and entrepreneurs in the region, the program is designed to stimulate ICT innovation and creativity, promote economic and trade relations, facilitate technology transfer, and offer business matching opportunities via exposure to venture capitalists and investors.

Its 17 member economies include Australia, Brunei Darussalam, China, Hong Kong India, Indonesia, Macau, Malaysia, Myanmar, Pakistan, Philippines, Singapore, South Korea, Sri Lanka, Taipei, Thailand and Vietnam. FITIS and BCS – Sri Lanka Section jointly represent Sri Lanka at APICTA.

The APICTA 2013 was organized by the Hong Kong Computer Society. FITIS organised a delegation of 60 members including, Judges, Ex Co Members, Nominees etc. for the APICTA 2013 programme held in Hong Kong from 24-27 Nov 2013 at Cyberport. The Awards Ceremony held on 27th Nov 2013 at the Hong Kong Exhibition and Convention Center. Mr. Shanta R Yapa, President, FITIS Software Chapter was the head of the delegation. It was the biggest ever Sri Lankan contingent participated in APICTA.

FITIS Sponsored 3 students (Winners of Young Computer Scientist Competition 2013) to represent Sri Lanka at APICTA 2013 and 2 students won merit awards. They are;

–          RaashidAhamed of Baduriya Central Collage, Mawanella

–          DushanChanuka of Ananda Collage, Colombo


Sri Lanka also won 4 merit awards in the ICT industry and Tertiary Students categories. The winners are;

–          Zone 24*7 – Research and Development Category

–          P. A Arachchi and Mithra Mayadunne – Sri Lanka Institute of IT (SLIIT) – Tertiary Students Projects category

–          GaninduNanayakkara – Sri Lanka Institute of IT (SLIIT) – Tertiary Students Projects category

–          KalinduPriyadarshana – University of Colombo School of Computing (UCSC)- Tertiary Students Projects category


Sri Lanka delegation at APICTA 2013


RaashidAhamed of Baduriya Central Collage, Mawanella being awarded at the APICTA 2013


DushanChanuka of Ananda Collage, Colombo being awarded at the APICTA 2013



FITIS Hardware, Software and Education Chapters held their Annual General Meetings for the term of office 2013/2014 on 28th March 2013 at Hotel Renuka, Colombo. All chapters were well represented by their respective memberships exceeding over 100 in total. Following members were elected for the President and Vice President positions of the three Chapters at their respective Annual General Meetings;

  • 21stAGM of FITIS Software Chapter

–           President- Mr. Shantha R Yapa

–           Vice President- Mr.AbbasKamurudeen


  • 25th AGM of FITIS Hardware Chapter

–           President – Mr.ChinthakaWijewickrama

–           Vice President-Mr. Derrick Ferdinandus


  • 21st AGM of FITIS Education & Training Chapter

–           President- Dr.KithsiriManchanayake

–           Vice President –Mr.UpulDasanayake



Mr. ChinthakaWijewickrema, the newly elected President of FITIS Hardware Chapter addressing the membership
Mr. SudharshanWelihinda, outgoing President and Mr. Shanta R. Yapa, incoming President of FITIS Software Chapter conducting the 21st AGM
President, FITIS Mr. T. Suresh, presenting thePresident’s Medal to Dr. KithsiriManchanayakeafter being appointed as the President of the FITIS Education & Training Chapter at the 21st AGM


The FITIS annual Christmas party which has been a regular feature in the annual action plan of FITIS over the years was held on 19th December 2013 at the Colombo Swimming Club with the participation of over 60 members, family members and invited guests. The event which was full of prizes, surprises and entertainment enhanced fellowship amongst members of FITIS family.



FTIS members participating in entertainment activitiesat the annual Christmas party



Musical Chairs


Winners being rewarded


Fulfilling a long felt need of FITIS, Incorporation of FITIS was formally announced by the Sri Lanka Government Gazette dated 15th March 2013. The gazette notification is as follows;