Tech Eve

“TechEve” is a Forum for ICT Industry middle managers and executives to gather knowledge, best practices and network with industry peers. This is an initiative of FITIS Software Chapter and FITIS has been conducting many TechEves for over 5 years on various topics relating to the ICT Industry in Sri Lanka. FITIS invites an eminent speaker on a selected topic/ area and members are invited to send their middle, senior managers and executives to gather knowledge on this selected topic. The target audience of FITIS TechEve includes Middle Managers, Software Developers, Software Engineers, Tech Leads, Software Architects, System and Circuit designers, Project Managers, Product Managers and other managers and executives in the ICT Industry in Sri Lanka.


TechEves of 2015

Cloud Computing Vs Traditional Computing

Speaker    :    Dr. Tariq Marikar, Solutions Director , Etel and Orion DC
Date          :    03rd March 2015
Venue       :    Royal College Auditorium
Audience  :    Over 40 participants


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 Cloud Storage and BIG Data

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TechEves of 2014


Internet of Things – IOT

Speaker    :    Mr. Samitha Kumara, Senior Software Engineer, EPIC Lanka
Date          :    23rd April 2014
Venue       :    Royal College Auditorium
Audience  :    Over 20 participants


Computer Vision Syndrome

Speaker        :    Dr. Malinda De Silva, MBBS Doctor
Date              :    29th May 2014
Venue           :    Royal College Auditorium
Audience      :    Over 20 participants


Essentials for a Professional Software Engineer

Speaker      :    Mr. Thushera Kawdawatta, Senior Director of Technology & Chief Software Architect, Virtusa
Date            :    17th July 2014
Venue         :    Royal College Auditorium
Audience    :    Over 60 participants