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A Sri Lanka that has achieved most preferred IT/BPO destinations in Asia, Lending digital society that continually deliver prosperity, and competitiveness in a global market. 

FITIS was established in 1996 in order to utilize the synergy of all the different ICT associations under one umbrella that is needed to take the ICT industry forward. FITIS has now grown from under 100 members to over 180+ members. We have witnessed the rapid growth of the Industry due to the broad vision and the genuine collaboration efforts of FITIS actively involved in organizing seminars, competitions, and exhibitions at national and regional level.

Sri Lanka is emerging as a global IT-BPO destination

As a trusted and authoritative voice of the ICT industry, FITIS’s mission is to promote and enhanced the significant contribution that digital technology can make to Sri Lankans economic prosperity.

FITIS and its members do what we do every day to move the needle closer to the successful achievement of this mission.


Recent Updates of FITIS, Special Events, Partnerships etc..

Over 180+

Member Companies Island Wide

All member chapters are operating under FITIS umbrella in order to promote, encourage, foster and protect the ICT industry as a whole

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